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Vintage Boutique Hotel welcomes you!

Located just two steps from Rynok Square, with timeless elegance and vintage spirit, Vintage Boutique Hotel offers an unforgettable stay in the very heart of Lviv.

Once you decide to live the time of your life in Lviv and discover its best kept secrets, there is no better way to get acquainted to the city than to stay in its historic part. Vintage Boutique Hotel reflects the spirit of Lviv — refined, sophisticated, rich in colors and lights, it gives you the feeling of calm and delight. Each of 29 rooms welcomes you with classical elegance, comfortable and modern amenities, unique design elements and inspiring views of the historical streets.

Guests are welcomed to explore authorial dishes with an extraordinary look at Vintage Nouveau restaurant. In a delicate classic decor and cosy atmosphere, watch the world go by while enjoying the marvelous cuisine of Chef Iurii Kovryzhenko.

One of Vintage Boutique Hotel’s treasures is the wine cellar with the best wines discovered and brought to the collection by the chef sommelier, Maryana Skavinska. When touring the wine cellar, you can stay and enjoy your private dinner right there, in the cosy and epicurean atmosphere, or simply enjoy a glass of fine wine at our wine bar.

Once you fall in love with the city, strolling through the hidden streets and you will never miss a chance to  it. Vintage Boutique Hotel is always there, at the intersection of two oldest streets — Serbska and Staroyevreyska — to welcome you and present you with the greatest experience in Lviv.

Vintage Boutique Hotel – Feels like home!