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A day with Vintage Boutique Hotel… One guest experience

You wake up. The sun slightly breaks through the curtains to make sure if you are already awake. You listen to the birds singing their melodies from the open window. Their songs report you, morning’s here. It seems a nice idea to spend the whole day among the soft pillows in the spacious room of the Vintage Boutique Hotel, but (!) it is impossible to resist the charm of the city you observe from the window.

The first thing you crave for is a vintage bathroom, your special kind of morning meditation. Leave the door open, let the sun stretch on a black and white tile, while you plan your Lviv route for today. Is it Claude Debussy or Michael Buble who accompany your dreamy thoughts?

But finally the smell of fresh pastries makes you hurry down the spiral staircase to the Vintage Nouveau restaurant. In a bathrobe and slippers, with a towel on your head, as you like it… Your convenience is the only thing that’s important.

Your poached egg already awaits for you on the table, the foam on the cappuccino strays at the moment, while a crispy croissant seduces you to break a piece of it to check out what  stuffing will treat you today. Limoncello, your favorite one, isn’t it?

When the sun rays reach the middle of the hall and softly fall on the piano, you decide that you can not linger here for a second more. You need to move to the terrace! A moment later you already feel the light morning breeze turning the pages of the magazine. No matter if you’re still wearing a robe. Everything’s on its right place…

Two coffees later you have already planned your route. Market Square is the destination number one. This choice is obvious, as you had already observed it from the window of the room and asked yourself a dozen of questions, the answers to which you want to find.

You wander through the nearest tiny streets to examine the balconies of your temporary neighbors, admire stucco, trying not to miss a single detail. How many new cafes have opened their doors after your last visit? How many patios are hidden behind historical facades? Have the Lviv citizens changed? Does the idea of staying in Lviv forever seem possible?.. This is what you have to learn…

You hurry to the Potocki Palace, while the paintings play special paints under the sun. Next stop is across two streets and one park: examining the house of scientists, you fantasize about the casino and the balls that have happened here before. Maybe you should have been born in the previous centuries?.. No, as you wouldn’t be able to spend a weekend at the Vintage Boutique Hotel…

Tirning back to your temporary home, you spontaneously jump in the last the tram, which goes to the station. No, you’re not leaving the city that’s stolen your heart. You are told in secret, that there is a magical place where you can stay alone, having the whole city in front of you. The tram takes you to the Church of Olga and Elizabeth, where you rise to the height of a bird’s flight in complete tranquility to quietly observe the bustling city.

…Whenever you are, all paths lead to Vintage Boutique Hotel. Turning to Staroevreyska Str., you cannot wait to dine at the Vintage Nouveau restaurant. Chef Iurii Kovryzhenko just gathered fresh flowers from his miniature garden to decorate your dish. The famous foie gras mille-feuille you have heard a lot about? A salad with stingray meat? Escargot with wine? Bewildered, you decide to try a everything… And then you can not wait for breakfast to come back again.

Already on the way to your vintage bed you accidentally (or intuitively) swerve towards the wine bar. Glass of a good wine as a way to express gratitude for the wonderful day — wine not? A lovely sommelier instantly guesses your tastes — how can you say goodbye without visiting the wine cellar right under the bar? No way. Now you are sure about your plans for tomorrow: You will dine in the cellar, accompanied by the wine stories of the sommelier and the mille-feuille that stole your heart.

The day with the Vintage Boutique Hotel is coming to an end, and you happily say goodbye to him, as tomorrow promises to be even better. This scenario is very simple, you need only the desire of a beautiful holiday and love for yourself. Because if you don’t treat yourself with an amazing holiday now, then when?

Vintage Boutique Hotel — Feels like home!