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Wine Cellar

We take great pride in the Vintage Boutique Hotel’s wine cellar which has been serving excellent wines through all over the world since 2007.

It gives a warm welcome and always stays open for the guests of the restaurant, the hotel and the city of Lviv.

When visiting Vintage Boutique Hotel’s wine cellar, you have an opportunity to choose from more than 50 both traditional and rare wine brands. The wine card is updated regularly and it always stays of the highest quality. Each wine has been carefully collected from the best wineries through all over the world. We love to gather our dear guests for any special occasion for the to celebrate and enjoy the wine culture. If there is no special occasion on the horizon, simply join our «moveable feast» by which we mean the meals from our restaurant L’amour de trois. Pancakes, wine and cinema accompanies by our wine selection.

One of the advantages of a wine cellar is the conditions created for storing wines. We have done our best to ensure that each wine is stored in ideal conditions, by which we mean a cool, quiet place with no sunlight. Due to this, we are convinced that the wine may be stored for a long time without losing its quality, and is always ready to be uncorked.

If you don’t have enough time to stay with us, you can always buy a bottle of wine (why limit yourself to one though?) from our collection and uncork it later. Consult with our team and we will prompt you the best option that suits your preferences.

The charming mysterious atmosphere of the Vintage Boutique Hotel’s wine cellar prompts a romantic mood… We are proud to witness the love confessions, proposals, romantic candlelight dinners, and closed-door thematic meetings. If there is any kind of special occasion coming in our life, feel free to contact us and book a table at our wine cellar for your event.