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de zupynytysya u lvovi 300x200 - Hotel Life

Where to stay in Lviv?

«Where to stay in Lviv?» was the question the team of online magazine decided to find the answer to ...
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Vintage family

At the hilarious crossroads of the historical street of Lviv slowly getting dressed in its autumn suit, a distinctive universe ...
Summertime 300x200 - Hotel Life

Summertime, and the living is easy…

Vintage summer is special. It is felt in every corner, sometimes it seems that you can feel it physically, grasp ...
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LE BAR. Wine. Croissants. Parties

Le Bar is our vintage wine bar. The formula is simple: we dine with croissants and a glass of wine, ...
Vintage Boutique Hotel has changed 300x169 - Hotel Life

Vintage Boutique Hotel has changed!

Ignoring the spring, summer intercepted the baton and unexpectedly warmed Lviv. Just in time, we thought. Summer rays even more ...
Vintage Boutique Hotel lviv 300x169 - Hotel Life

A day with Vintage Boutique Hotel… One guest experience

You wake up. The sun slightly breaks through the curtains to make sure if you are already awake. You listen ...
Vintage 13.01 300x150 - Hotel Life

Vintage de Fleur Party

January 13 is a special date for Vintage Nouveau. The flower party, combined with the celebration of the Old New ...
de vidznachiti richnitsyu vesillya 300x160 - Hotel Life

Where and how to celebrate the wedding anniversary?

In the life of each married couple there are special moments and dates that are usually celebrated. One of these ...
zupinitsya v tsentri lvov na vidpochinok 300x160 - Hotel Life

Lviv – stay at the city center for a vacation

Vocation in Lviv will definitely become a special moment in your memories, yes, just a moment: this mystical city captures ...
piznati lviv razom z vintage boutique hotel 300x200 - Hotel Life

Discover Lviv together with Vintage Boutique Hotel

Visiting Lviv is a one of the top wishes at the bucket list of every Ukrainian and definitely is of ...