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Lviv – stay at the city center for a vacation

Vocation in Lviv will definitely become a special moment in your memories, yes, just a moment: this mystical city captures the spirit of every visitor, and time flies by imperceptibly quickly. That’s why you need to prepare in advance for vocation in Lviv, so you have enough time to get acquainted with the city of sleeping lions.

For everyone vocation is a time filled with positive impressions and emotions, such that there was something to remember. And in fact, it does not matter – it’s active leisure in a noisy company, or a relax time with family, friends or even alone.

vintagehotel - Lviv - stay at the city center for a vacation

Here are some tips on what you should take care before journey to Lviv:

  • Choose right time for vocation. Are you planning a relaxing holiday? Than choose weekdays. Do you want spectacles and active leisure: the weekend is exactly what you need.
  • Book a hotel room in the center of Lviv. To feel the true atmosphere of ancient Lviv, its mysterious and seductive aroma of coffee, you need to book one of the rooms at the Vintage Boutique Hotel, which is located in the very center of Lviv, and is completely filled with authenticity of the ancient city.

lviv zupinitsya v tsentri na vidpochinok - Lviv - stay at the city center for a vacation

  • Plan your leisure. What is the best seeing in Lviv, you ask? The whole Lviv can not be seen in two or three days. So there are two ways to resolve this question: exhausting excursions or an independent studying of Lviv. Both options will bring you pleasure, but choose you.
  • Do not forget about souvenirs. Memories will be easier to restore if a piece of Lviv will remain with you forever. In advance it is not necessary to worry about it, only you should to plan your vocation so that there was a free time to buy souvenirs in Lviv, after all in the city center there are a lot of shops with various souvenir goods, for every taste and pocket. Primarily the most popular souvenirs are: coffee, liqueurs and tinctures, books, postcards, magnets and just a lot of other various factory and even designer products.

zupinitsya v tsentri na vidpochinok - Lviv - stay at the city center for a vacation

Vintage Boutique Hotel in Lviv is not only a relaxing stay at the hotel room with a gorgeous city center view. Specially for you there are various dishes from the chief of the author’s cuisine at the Vintage Nouveau Restaurant, and the cosiness of the Wine Cellar and the excellent service of the hotel staff and even the special atmosphere filled with the building.

Stay in the center of Lviv for a vacation – and you will never regret it, memories and impressions will once again prompt you to visit the city of thousand legends with the aroma of coffee.