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Summertime, and the living is easy…

Vintage summer is special. It is felt in every corner, sometimes it seems that you can feel it physically, grasp it with your hands and keep it close to make sure that it is there, it is ours and will not run away anywhere until we are ready to say goodbye.

Summer begins at the entrance, where one can see the sign of Vintage Boutique Hotel on the brightly colored facade that hides the centuries of history. They are soaked in the air in the hall, mixed with the fresh perfume of the new guest, who just arrived to explore his new house for the next few days.

Summer is felt in the rapid flow of drops from the chilled morning prosecco and how quickly the sun throws its gleam on a soft green armchair in the corner of the wine bar Le Bar…

The other obligatory ritual is breakfast. Most likely late, preferably on the terrace. There it is — the ideal place to observe the city, being in its very heart and remaining invisible at the same time. Summer left its strong imprint here in flowers, that were woven throughout the terrace, as if protecting its territory. Benedict with salmon or limoncello croissant, Carpathian trout or apple mille-feuille for dinner, staying alone with thoughts or in a company of your beloved, for a quick hour before work or on a month vacation in hot Lviv… these are those small, minor details that will recreate the picture of our summer years later.

And where is the richest source of the summer delights? We say, find them in the plates served in Vintage Nouveau restaurant! Canvases for cooks (…and artists at the same time) the seasonal dishes are rich in berries and greens, edible flowers and colorful vegetables… everything that soul wishes for a fine dining on a vacation. Ukrainian summer gives a wide field for imagination, which the chefs embody in the seasonal menu of Vintage Nouveau, whose philosophy cultivates Ukrainian seasonal products as a source for art in the plate.

Summer at the Vintage Boutique Hotel is a feast of tastes, a mecca for a hedonist, an amazing comfort for a guest of the city.