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Terms of living Vintage Boutique Hotel


_____________ S.S. Avramenko

Director of Vintage Hotel PP (Private Enterprise)

Order No. ___ dated _______ 2014

Internal Regulations of Vintage Hotel (Private Enterprise)


Hotel – Vintage Hotel (Private Enterprise) provides hotel services for temporary accommodation and other indispensable services.

Room – single furnished accommodation consisting of one or more rooms, equipped for temporary stay.

Booking – ordering process by the Hotel client of basic and/or additional services (to a certain extent) for the purpose of using services at a prearranged period of time by specific guests or a group of guests, all of which were reserved by telephone, fax or e-mail.

Confirmation of booked services – Hotel agreement on the execution of a reserved and prearranged list of basic and additional services, which were reserved by telephone, fax or e-mail in accordance with the booking request.

Refusal of booking services – Hotel refusal to book basic and additional services at a specified contractual period of time, carried out in accordance with the present Rules.

Cancellation – client’s refusal of booked services.

Check-in date – guest’s date of arrival at the Hotel.

Check-out date – guest’s date of departure from the Hotel.

Early check-in – guest’s check-in at the Hotel before fixed check-in time.

Late check-out – guest’s check-out at the Hotel after fixed check-out time on the day of departure.

Check-out time – an hour fixed by the Hotel, whereby the guests should leave the room on the day of departure and after which the Hotel room may be occupied again.

  1. General Provisions

1.1.       These regulations establish internal rules for staying at Vintage Hotel (Private Enterprise) (hereafter referred to as Hotel), rules for using Hotel property, the number and terms of services provided and guest and Hotel responsibility.

1.2.       Hotel activity is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Tourism”. The rules for using hotels and similar accommodation and providing hotel services are approved by Order No. 19 by the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine dated March 16, 2004 , the present Rules and other legal documents.

  1. Procedures for Hotel Accommodation

2.1.       A Hotel room is offered to guests upon presentation of an identity document (a Ukrainian internal passport, a Ukrainian passport for travel abroad, a diplomatic or service passport, a seaman’s document, a residence permit issued to a person who lives in Ukraine, but who is not a Ukrainian citizen, a foreign passport or a similar alien document in place of the above documents and a visa (authorization) for the right to stay in Ukraine (unless otherwise required by applicable international agreements), a birth certificate for minor children under the age of 16, a driving license, a certificate or a military identity card for military personnel, a certificate issued at the guest’s workplace, etc. and the completed Hotel form.

2.2.       Subject to availability of rooms and on request of the guest, the latter can be given a double room (if such room is for double occupancy) or a triple room (if such room is for triple occupancy) with full payment of the accommodation cost.

2.3.       Hotel guests may not make a deposit in order to recover their passports.


  1. Terms for Hotel Stays

3.1.       The Hotel allows guests to stay in furnished rooms equipped with appliances (TV, refrigerator, etc.), sanitary fixtures and other equipment. The Hotel rooms and common areas are heated and have modern décor, engineering services, equipment and appliances.

3.2.       Guests are required to handle Hotel property with care, use it for designated purposes and comply with fire safety regulations. In case of damage to property, technical trouble, emergency situations (flooding, fire, broken glass, etc.), the administrator must be immediately notified.

3.3.       Guests staying at the Hotel are not allowed to:

  • smoke in the room;
  • store dangerous substances in the room, or materials and other things that might damage Hotel property;
  • use electric heaters that are not included in the appliances of the room;
  • during the guest’s absence, permit unregistered outsiders to stay in the room without notifying the Hotel administrator;
  • give the key to the room to other people.

3.4.       Guests are required to comply with these Rules. Should these Rules be repeatedly violated, which may result in property damage and create inconvenience for the other Guests, the Hotel has the right to refuse Guests or ask them to leave.


  1. Internal Regulations

4.1.       Compliance with internal regulations is ensured by the Hoteladministrator who is responsible for informing guests about accommodation rules and noting comments about Hotel personnel.

4.2.       The agreement on providing basic Hotel services to the client is concluded after the Hotel form has been filled out, i.e. the registration card certified by a bill of payment.

4.3.       After concluding the accommodation contract, the guests will obtain a key to their room from the Hotel administrator.

4.4.       If the guest possesses precious valuables (money, jewellery, etc.) that are not too bulky and can be easily transported, he/she is advised to keep them in a safe, which is located in each room.

4.5.       Smoking is prohibited in all the rooms and on other hotel premises except in specifically designated areas. The Hotel will charge a penalty of 1,000 UAH for smoking. Repeated cases of smoking in unauthorized places allows the Hotel ask the guest to leave the premises and to impose another penalty.

4.6.       Silence should beobserved from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am hours. It is forbidden to play the audio system and TV at a loud volume during these hours.

4.7.       Other guests may come and visit Hotel guests in their rooms. The Hotel guest must agree to having other guests visit the Hotel. The Hotel guest is responsible for outside guests. If necessary, the administrator has the right to verify the outside guests’ documents. The administrator has the right to forbid a guest from entering the Hotel in cases stipulated under paragraph 13.4 and 13.5 of the present Rules.

4.8.       If a guest wishes not to be disturbed, he/she should hang the “Do not disturb!” sign on the outside door handle. The words “Please clean the room!” are on the back of the same sign. It can be hung on the door handle if the guest wants the room to becleaned.

4.9.       Animals are not allowed in the Hotel.


  1. Energy Conservation

5.1.       On leaving the room, the guest should switch off all appliances. Guests are asked not to leave any appliances (except for the refrigerator) or lighting on when leaving the room.

5.2.       In addition, it is forbidden to use T-joint boxes and extension cords, powerful appliances, including heating elements, unless these devices are included in the standard equipment of the room issued for use by the Hotel staff.

5.3.       It is not allowed to leave the room without turning off the cold water taps, and most importantly, the hot water taps. Guests are asked not to leave these taps (faucets) open when leaving the room.

5.4.       Electricity consumption is limited at the Hotel. Unreasonable use may result in a power outage in the whole building.

5.6.       When using the telephone within the Hotel, it is advisable to use the three-digit extension number (a telephone directory is available in each room). This allows guests to offload the communication line. Appropriate tariffs will be applied for calls to external numbers.


  1. Video Surveillance

6.1.       The Hotel premises, all entrances, internal stairs and hallways are monitored with video cameras. All information is registered, recorded on digital media and stored. Video surveillance is carried out for the safety of Hotel guests, their belongings and Hotel property. By signing the Hotel form, the guest agrees to take this fact into account and expresses no objection to surveillance systems being used on Hotel premises (excluding rooms and toilet cubicles, etc.).


  1. Arrival and Guest Parking

7.1.       Vehicles may enter from Serbska Street and Staroyevreyska Street.

7.2.       It is forbidden to leave vehicles in entrances, exits and internal passages.

7.3.       A fine of 100 UAH will be applied for any parking violations. Іf these Rules be repeatedly violated, the Hotel administration has the right to ask the guest to leave.

  1. Hotel Services

8.1.       The Hotel provides basic services included in the price, as well as additional services, which are available for an additional fee. Additional services will not be provided by the Hotel unless the Hotel guest signs a contract. The guest is entitled to refuse to pay for such services, and if payment is carried out, the Hotel is obliged to return the paid amount. The Hotel cannot implement some services under the condition of implementing other services.

8.2.       Main services include: providing a room, housekeeping services, medical emergencies, first aid kit, wake-up calls, taxi services and luggage transportation from the Hotel entrance to the room and from the room to the Hotel exit.

8.3.       The Hotel is open to guests around the clock. The room has a specific number of beds. If more guests need to be accommodated in the room, and if the room is duly equipped, these guests are admitted without extra charge, except for the price of breakfast.

Children under 18 can be accommodated at the hotel only with adults (parents, relatives or custodians).

8.4.       Routine housekeeping (dusting, garbage removal, washing glasses and cups, cleaning bathrooms, changing bedding) is carried out daily.

8.5.       The room is fully cleaned as soon as the guest leaves the Hotel (change of linen and towels, disinfection of toilets, cleaning of refrigerators, vacuum cleaning of carpets).

8.6. Bed linen is changed at least once every three days. At the request of guests, towels and bedding may be exceptionally changed.

8.7.       General cleaning is carried out at least once every quarter (window washing, carpet and upholstery cleaning).

8.8. Additional services include: a mini-bar and washing and dry cleaning services. These services will be charged according to the price list located in the Hotel rooms. Additional services also include local and international telephone calls, landline calls to mobile phones and phone services, and other services on the attached list. All communication services (local, long distance and international telephone calls and telephone services, with the exception of internal Hotel calls) are to be settled by the guest at check-out.

  1. Booking and Payment

9.1.       The Hotel may conclude booking contracts with a guest (agent) or book rooms by accepting requests for reservations received via any means of communication: fax, postal services, e-mail or telephone.

9.2.       A contract is concluded when the Hotel approves the reservation request and the parties reach an agreement on all essential terms.

9.3.       Reservations are made on the basis of a request (form) made by the guest (agent), which must include the following information:

  • designation of guest (agent);
  • full name of guest (guests);
  • dateof arrival and departure;
  • scheduled timeof arrival and departure;
  • typeand number of rooms;
  • children;
  • nationality of guest(s);
  • contact information;
  • guarantee and type of payment;
  • specialconditions for accommodation;
  • list of guests;
  • any otheruseful information.

9.4.       Any changes to booking requests should be made in writing or by telephone.

9.5.       In the case of a non-reserved extension of stay or change of arrival of a group, the Hotel decides on the extension of stay of the group, depending on room availability, and reserves the right to refuse reservations or extensions of stay.

9.6.       The agent may substitute guests mentioned in his/her request (booking form) and place other guests in the same booked room for the same period of time and according to the same terms of service. The agent should inform the Hotel in writing or by telephone about any changes to booking requests.

9.7.       Reservations may be cancelled in the following cases:

9.7.1.    at the request of the individual guest (agent) addressed to the Hotel three days prior to the date of arrival, with no payment recovery for booked rooms. If the booking request is filed between the second and first day prior to the date of arrival specified in the booking form, the Hotel has the right to charge the guest (agent) 50% of the total cost for rooms booked per night based on the calculated rate. If the booking request is filed on the day of arrival or the guest fails to arrive, the Hotel has the right to charge the guest (agent) 100% of the total cost for rooms booked per night based on the calculated rate. These rules do not apply when booking accommodation in high season and holidays (paragraph 9.7.4. of the Rules);

9.7.2.    under the terms of contracts concluded with tour operators, travel agencies and corporate clients.

9.7.3.    at the request of the agent which should be filed nine days prior to the arrival of a group of guests (without any monetary penalty imposed on the agent). In the event of cancellations eight to seven days prior to the stated date of arrival, the agent may be charged 30% of the total cost for rooms booked per night based on the calculated rate. In the event of cancellations six to four days prior to the stated date of arrival, the agent may be charged 50% of the total cost for rooms booked per night based on the calculated rate. In the event of cancellations three days prior to the stated date of arrival, the agent may be charged 100% of the total cost for rooms booked per night based on the calculated rate.

In the event of cancellations two days prior to the stated date of arrival, the agent may be charged 100% of the total cost for rooms booked per night based on the calculated rate. These rules do not apply when booking in high season and holidays (p. 9.7.4. of the Rules);

9.7.4.    in the event of booking in high season and holidays (December 25 – January 25 and May 1 – June 15), at the request of individual guests or agents, which are addressed to the Hotel at any particular time, the costs for booked rooms are not refundable.

9.8.       The guest (agent) must settle Hotel services at prices established by the Hotel. Payments for hotel services can be carried out by non-cash payments, including bank cards, such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, through payment terminals or by cash at the Hotel cash-desk.

9.9.       Accommodation services at the Hotel are carried out at set prices.

9.10.     The prices are established according to orders (instructions) issued by the Hotel and/or contracts.

  1. Accommodation Policy

10.1.     The Hotel has a local check-out time – 12:00 pm for departure and for arrival (subject to room availability), 2:00 pm for arrival.

10.2.     Registration and check-in at the Hotel begins at 2:00 pm local time of the current day, or 12:00 pm of the current day (subject to room availability).

10.3.     Check-in is possible up to 2:00 pm, depending on room availability.

10.4.     Early check-in from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm will be charged 50% of the room price per night based on the current rate.

10.5.     Early check-in from 12:00 am to 07:00 am will be charged 100% of the room price per night based on the current rate.

10.6.     If a guest stays in the Hotel less than a day, he/she will be charged for the full day regardless of the calculated time and day.

10.7.     Check-out after 12:00 pm constitutes an additional service and is available depending on room availability.

10.8.     In case of departure between 12:00 pm and 10:00 pm, the guest will be charged 50% of the room price per day.

10.9.     In case of departure between 10:00 pm and 12:00 pm of the next day, the guest will be charged 100% of the room price per night based on the current rate.

10.10.   In the event of unforeseen circumstances:

10.10.1.for individual and corporate reservations:

in failing to provide individual and confirmed-in-writing rooms, the Hotel is obliged to accommodate guests in other Lviv hotels, cover the costs for transporting guests from the Hotel to another Lviv hotel and reserves the right to refuse to extend the stay;

10.10.2.for group reservations:

  • the Hotel reserves the right to inform the representative of the group/client about any changes to the group’s rooms 24 hours prior to such changes, as well as to specify any changes in rates;
  • in case of failure to provide requested and confirmed-in-writing rooms, the Hotel is required to accommodate guests in other Lviv hotels, cover the costs for transporting guests to another Lviv hotel, and reserves the right to refuse to extend the stay of the group.

  1. Restaurant Services

11.1.     The Hotel has a restaurant and a wine cellar.

11.2.     The restaurant and wine cellar offer guests room service. This service is not charged.

11.3.     It is not allowed to bring food into Hotel rooms.

11.4.     Guests will be charged a fine of 500 UAH for violating Hotel rules concerning food. The administration has the right to ask guests to leave the Hotel if such violations are repeated.


  1. Orthopaedic Mattresses

12.1.     Orthopaedic mattresses (winter/summer sides) have been installed in all the rooms. One side has a cotton covering, the other – a woollen one. When choosing a room for guests, the administrator may take into account the individual needs of each guest with regard to the type of mattress in order to provide the desired comfort. The type of mattress is not listed in room descriptions.

  1. Termination of Stay at the Hotel. Booking Refusal

13.1.     Guests should terminate their stay at the Hotel according to the contract date.

13.2.     The guest may terminate the service agreement at any time under the condition of payment of actual services provided.

13.3.     If the guest has repeatedly violated the internal rules of the Hotel, which has led to or may lead to material damage or causes inconvenience for other guests, the Hotel has the right to refuse or terminate the agreement (ask the guest to leave).

13.4.     The administrator has the right to refuse accommodation in the following cases:

- the guest does not possess any documents, the documents are not valid or have expired, it is suspected that the documents are forged;

- the guest has not paid for the room in the prescribed manner and in the required amount;

- the guest has an unkempt, dirty appearance; he/she is intoxicated, displays aggressive behaviour;

- the guest refuses to comply with the internal rules of the Hotel (smoking, parking, etc.);

- other cases stipulated in the legislation of Ukraine.

The Hotel administration takes the final decision in disputed cases.


  1. Hotel and Guest Responsibility

14.1.     Should the terms of the contractual obligations be partly or not at all executed, the guilty party shall reimburse all incurred damages to the other party.

14.2.     If the Hotel is unable to meet the terms of the contract (except in force majeure situations), the hotel is obliged to accommodate the Guest at another hotel located in the area, which provides equal or better quality. Additional costs incurred in this case shall be borne by the Hotel.

14.3.     If the Guest identifies faults or deficiencies in services provided, non-conformity of services, he/she has the right to ask the Hotel administration to:

- eliminate these faults free-of-charge within a specified period;

- allow for an appropriate reduction with regard to these services.

14.4.     The Hotel must take certain measures to eliminate faults within the provided service within an hour of the filing of the claim by the Guest.

14.5.     The Hotel is not liable for faults or deficiencies in services provided if it can prove that their occurrence was the fault of the guest (his/her visitors) or the result of force majeure situations.

14.6.     The Guest may terminate the service agreement and, in accordance with legislation in effect, require full compensation if the Hotel does not eliminate the faults or deficiencies within the prescribed time. The money paid by the guest for these services will be returned on the day of the termination of the contract or at another term, but no later than seven days from the date of filing of the claim.

14.7.     The Hotel is responsible for safekeeping the guest’s belongings, which can be left in the room, with the exception of valuables (money, jewellery, valuable documents, electronic devices, etc.).

14.8.     In the event of loss or damage of his/her belongings, the guest should immediately notify the Hotel administration. If the guest fails to submit his/her claims to the Hotel administration before the end of the stay, such belongings will be assumed to have been neither lost, nor damaged.

14.9. If belongings have been left behind, the Hotel management is obliged to immediately notify the owner of the items, if he/she is known. Such items are stored at the Hotel for six months and then destroyed.

14.10.   The Hotel is not liable for the safety of guests using motor transport.

14.11.   If the Hotel incurs material damage due to the fault or negligence of the guests or their visitors, a standard act should be drawn up according to the prescribed procedure. In this case, in addition to damages, the guest should voluntarily or judicially compensate the owners of the Hotel for any expenses associated with the downtime of the room during repairs, replacement of furniture, etc.