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Vintage Boutique Hotel has changed!

Ignoring the spring, summer intercepted the baton and unexpectedly warmed Lviv. Just in time, we thought. Summer rays even more beautiful decorated the new rooms in Vintage Boutique Hotel, making us want to show them to our guests as quickly as possible — all at once!

The first floor of the Tiffany color will charge in the morning better than the flat white after the contrast shower. Small but cozy and comfortable single standard rooms are ideal for guests who come to explore the city one by one: a bright room will give even more enthusiasm. Double standards will provide more space for solving business issues or fro family holidays, and in an updated tiffany room this is doubly pleasant.

IMG 1676 - Vintage Boutique Hotel has changed!

A floor above is a harmonious combination of gray and pink that will add playfulness to your mood, easy flirting with the outside world… The fine line between elegance and drive — this is how you would describe your room, settling in it on your next vacation. The view from the window to one of the historic streets of the city that never ceases, beckons guests to become part of the busy life of the city.

IMG 1900 2 - Vintage Boutique Hotel has changed!

The last floor of a deep blue shade will bring a feeling of complete peace, balance, harmony. Ideal for guests who expect coziness and slow rhythm from their vacation.

IMG 2399 - Vintage Boutique Hotel has changed!

For guests in search of peace, we offer a simple and familiar route: room — late breakfast on the terrace — walk around the central Market Square, which is within easy reach — dinner at the Vintage Nouveau restaurant — the end of the day in our wine bar Le Bar — again a meeting with a cozy number.

What is the best mood for your next weekend in Lviv? Do not hesitate with reflections, now is the ideal time to go on a journey and get acquainted with the mysterious, multifaceted Lviv. A room in the heart of the city is always ready to greet you with warm embraces.