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Vintage family

At the hilarious crossroads of the historical street of Lviv slowly getting dressed in its autumn suit, a distinctive universe called Vintage was created. A fragment of French elegance, a piece of British pedantry, a spark of Spanish passion and a large basket of Ukrainian hospitality have all formed the shape of Vintage. You might never guess what is it — the interior, the food, the music close to your heart, but I’ve been here for a month and now I know for sure — it is the love of the Vintage Family that makes you feel so at home.
I was lucky enough to become a family member and feel the love that is spread in the air. Do you happen to know that feeling of anxiety, when the knees are shaking, the hands are sweating, the breath breaks out and the entire vocabulary is blown away, and all is happening to you in a second before you get to know the people that you aim to spend all your time with?.. This might sound ridiculous, but everything I expected before coming to the job interview was a grumpy 40-year-old monsieur, who would glance at my shabby sneakers and a rock band T-shirt, grumble his face and tactfully answer: «We will call you back». This is a lucky example of expectations not equal to the reality though. On the first day of work, while I was stealthily dancing to favorite melody, a girl I just met (looking nineteen years old, and giving me a wide smile) said: «Wow, are you an Arctic Monkeys fan? We will surely have fun working!» That was a tiny moment of one of the first days at work when I realized: no doubt I found my second home.
If someone asks me about the adaptation to the staff of such a large restaurant and hotel (the team including more than sixty co-workers) I have nothing to say except the words of gratitude. It is impossible to get used to warm hugs, cozy smiles, ideal working conditions and the most aesthetic locations in Lviv.
After all, Vintage is a family, and the family is a pure LOVE!

— Daryna, waitress, talking about her first days at Vintage.