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Where and how to celebrate the wedding anniversary?

In the life of each married couple there are special moments and dates that are usually celebrated. One of these solemn dates is the wedding day anniversary celebration. Such great event should always be planned in advance to provide for all the details, and as a result get a wonderful and unforgettable vacation for two. Each couple have their own special habits and traditions, so how to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding should be chosen from options that are liked by particular spouses. For someone unforgettable minutes will be active options: a trip to the mountains on skis, bike rides or horse riding (depending on the season), travel to waterfalls, castles or even trips abroad. But still for most couples, the wedding anniversary is an occasion for romance and time spent alone together.

Where to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding? Vintage Boutique Hotel in Lviv offers you to plunge into the atmosphere of absolute romance and comfortable rest only for two. It is more appropriate for Lviv to choose for such an event. After all, this is a majestic city that is full of mysterious legends of love, and was simply created for walks alone along the winding streets of the city central part with the dizzying coffee aroma.

de i yak vidznachiti richnitsyu vesillya - Where and how to celebrate the wedding anniversary?

Vintage Boutique Hotel is not only a hotel in a very center of Lviv — it’s the unique opportunity to write your new love story and spend time in a refined building with a true medieval atmosphere, enjoying a stay in the room overlooking the city’s central streets.

And an unforgettable bonus will be a romantic dinner in the Wine Cellar exclusively for the two of you: romantic music, muffled light, lighted candles, a variety of author’s dishes from the chef of the Vintage Nouveau restaurant, as well as a rich selection of our Vinotheque will take you to a world of absolute harmony and happiness, filled with new colors.

Vintage Boutique Hotel invites you to book a room for a romantic weekend and experience unforgettable wonderful moments with an accent of romance and a taste of happiness.