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Where to stay in Lviv?

«Where to stay in Lviv?» was the question the team of online magazine decided to find the answer to. We are sharing their recommendations with you:

There are so many answers to this question, that it seems impossible not to get confused.

Therefore, we advise you to choose the perfect option, time-tested and beloved by thousands of guests of the city — Vintage Boutique Hotel.

This four-star boutique hotel in the heart of the city of Lviv combines 26 rooms, a French cafe and a wine bar. The hotel is located in two historic buildings in a minute’s walk from Market Square, which means that you will find yourself in the middle of Lviv’s most beautiful historic place at the moment you leave the hotel. Although, we are pretty sure that you will rather spend some more time discovering the hotel’s hidden gems. The vintage aesthetics of this place can be observed for hours, and the uniqueness of each room will make you want to return to the city again and again and again…
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L’amour de trois

There is no need for a long pause between awakening and breakfast, so take a look at the ground floor of the Vintage Boutique Hotel. Here is a cafe serving extraordinary pancakes with a cocktail bar inspired by cinema and French aesthetics. L`amour de trois contrasts with the conservative and traditional Lviv, spreading bohemian and hedonistic vibes. The restaurant serves pancakes & crepes with surprising twists, classic French dishes, all day breakfasts and healthy options. Maybe, it’s been a long time since you had a dinner in the bathroom? You’re welcome. Want a pancake that will remind you of your favorite movie and at the same time be a real gastronomic gem? Welcome again! L’amour de trois is a story about a very cinematic, seductive and tasty Paris in the heart of Lviv. Why not play your role in this movie? Do not hurry to get the cocktail card as you will definitely want to come back for an evening drink.
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Le Bar

After a long walk around the city, we advise you to return to the Vintage Boutique Hotel. Apart from the cinematic L`amour de trois, you will be spoiled with a stylish Le Bar — a bar with an exquisite wine list. And if you still need a cocktail, follow the red neon lights and come back to L’amour de trois cocktail bar. Do not worry that the last glass was too much, as you have a few steps left to get to your comfy bed.
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This is it. One day walk through Lviv has been a happy experience. Let’s discover what another day in this exquisite, creative, artistic and, of course, hospitable city will bring us. See you!

Text: Olexandra Vlasiuk
Graphic design: Tania Korneeva