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Wine cafe

You can also spend time at the newly renovated Kafka & Kanapka Wine Café.

Why Kafka? In Ukrainian, «Kafka» sounds very similar to tenderly called «coffee». Thus the pun, that alludes to coffee served here daily!

Why «Kanapka»? In Ukrainian, the «kanapka» is a toast, and we hint that we do not want to leave you hungry. Therefore, we have prepared a petit menu of easy snacks for every taste.

Our café does not remind a traditional café. It rather feels like a cozy living room where homeowners welcome guests for an aperitif. Our aperitifs are wine, coffee, and toast. A cup of coffee and a glass of excellent wine help to dive into work or a hearty conversation and toasts simply add appetite. In other words, it’s a prelude to a lush dinner. As a bonus, our bakers bake our favorite French dessert — macarons — every morning, that might also serve as a beautiful present or table decoration.

Kafka & Kanapka is a cozy place where the day begins with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of good wine. Where you can spend half of a day by the laptop in a working atmosphere, and in the evening you can hear the cork coming out from a sparkling wine bottle. It is a place of the cult of aesthetics and practice of hedonism, created to please the visual and taste receptors of guests from morning till late evening.

There is also a large collection of wines that we have carefully collected over the years. You can taste and buy a bottle of wine in our wine cellar, which is located below the Kafka & Kanapka (wonderful souvenir, isn’t it?). However, the wine cellar is also not just about wine. Designed for family gatherings or business meetings, the cellar is ideal for team building or small corporate events. Isolated from the outside world, it exudes a cozy and soulful atmosphere and can even serve as a memorable place for love confessions.

Opening hours: 11 am – 11 pm
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